The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse

I’ve read a lot of great books recently so I thought I’d share another review! This book, much like the last book I reviewed, was a find from the library’s new arrivals shelf. Here is my opinion!

The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse by Alexander McCall Smith is a charming read set in England during the time of WWII.

While it is set in wartime and there are a few intense moments in the plot, I think the author does a remarkable job of keeping the feel of the book light and happy.

Switching between different perspectives and points of view keeps the reader engaged and shows the story from many different angles.

The characters are not as deep as some I’ve seen, but by the last page of the book, I believe the reader comes to adore them. It’s hard to say there really is a main character; at different times you are reading from different “main characters” in their own right, and I suspect you will find most all of the characters equally valuable to the story.

Overall, a light, fun, and quick read that I am glad I picked up over the summer!

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