What I Ate Today

Cooking and eating are two of my favorite hobbies, so I thought I would document what I ate today just in case anyone is curious what a (fairly) normal day’s worth of food looks like!


Breakfast: overnight oats with almond milk, vanilla extract, coconut, and chia seeds

Mid-Morning: vanilla sweet cream cold brew (tall) from Starbucks

Lunch: chicken and cheese quesadilla with avocado, kale caesar salad, gala apple (organic is best since commercial apples are one of the most pesticide-laden crops), salt and vinegar chips

After volleyball practice (w/ the team): DQ turtle pecan blizzard, small order of onion rings

Dinner: chili with guacamole and fritos, cornbread, lemon cake with pudding, milk



Note: I went to the store today so that is how I had the fresh veggie variety that I used. Usually I would be not be eating as many veggies and fruits on a single day when I hadn’t just been shopping.


I use Thrive Market, an online grocery service that specializes in organic, healthy foods for a lot of my pantry staples. Check out the link below to get 25% off your first order so you can get their great deals, too!

Thrive Market 25% Off Code:


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