What I Eat in a Week

Back at the end of October/beginning of November, I thought it would be fun and informative (both for any of my readers who are curious and also for me!) to track the basic foods I ate in a week! Here are those results and I hope you possibly find them as interesting as I did!

Disclaimer: This was a slightly more hectic week than usual for me, so there were a lot of meals that I was not actually in charge of preparing (we ate out quite a bit) and simpler meals that didn’t require much prep time.


B: scrambled egg, mango, raspberries, cornbread muffin, milk

L: leftover chili, simply Cheeto puffs, sautéed green onions, tea

S: handful of chocolate chips, Gatorade, pickle

D: veggie burrito bowl with chips, salsa, and cheese dip


B: avocado toast with mango slices

S: peanut butter crackers, various sweets and other snacks at a school event

L: pot pie, mixed veggies, and fried okra from cafe at my school

S: freeze dried raspberries

D: Chick Fil A grilled nuggets with buffalo sauce, fries, lemonade, and icedream cup


B: “healthy” instant oatmeal (way too sweet), freeze dried raspberries

L: pizza, roasted asparagus, tea

D: hot dog, veggie soup, Fritos (church fall festival)


B: cornbread muffin with butter, apple cider, cheese stick


Okay, so at this point in the week my schedule got crazy because I had volleyball playoffs that I was getting ready for and I wasn’t able to document everything as closely as I had been. Here’s just a brief overview of some of the things I ate at the tournament, both snacks I had brought and things from their concession stand.

granola bars and Larabars, chicken and rice, supper at ihop on Friday night (CHEESECAKE PANCAKES ARE THE BESTTTT!!!), yogurt with berries from the motel breakfast bar, sausage dog, walking taco, lots of gatorade and water

As you can see from this, my eating habits are far from perfect. I believe I am doing as well as I can to eat fruits and vegetables as an athlete with not a lot of time for meal prep because of all the other many activities which consume my time. However, as the new year approaches, I am making some pretty large plans to change my eating philosophy/habits! I am excited and will keep y’all updated on how that is going!

Until next time, stay uniquely YOU!

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